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I just ran across a really well-worded and humorous tweet on Twitter, and my first thought was to retweet it using the new ‘quote tweet’ feature on Twitter. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to work on mobile platforms yet, so I went to my desktop and pulled it up on Tweetdeck.Twitter.com. I started to say something like “I want to frame this tweet and hang it on my wall” but of course I have no printer and my apartment walls are concrete, so…then I thought about digitally framing it. What would that look like? Is there a service like that already out there?

Well, according to Google, no. So I Googled how to just simply embed Tweets and the top highlighted result was actually an internal Twitter help page. So I copied the code but still had nowhere to put it. I have long-dormant Tumblr, Storify, and RebelMouse accounts, but I can’t muster the energy to dust them off. So I thought maybe I’ll just throw it into a blog post. And then it hit me – what about a separate category and archive stream for these on my own site? Bingo.

And here we are…

Except that tweet didn’t look anything like a Twitter card display. Is it just me, or does this seem like something that should be more automatic? And then I migrated my site to Markdown files using Jekyll and Github Pages. And look at that - the Tweet looks just as intended. Evidently something as simple as this requires an extra plugin on WordPress. No wonder the geeks have all migrated away from it…

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